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      The Local Advantage.

      For quality, specialized service, & over 50 years combined experience, contact Broker, Kathy or Broker, Craig at RW Real Estate , LLC.

      Specializing in Your Community

      Local advantage! What that means is people who do more than just sell real estate in your community; we are entrenched as part of the community. Brokers who can answer your questions while in the home, during our first visit!  Brokers who can find the property and pertinent components of the community without the use of a GPS. Brokers who are full time and available when you need them. Your appointment is set during your FIRST CALL-no phone tag. Brokers that provide you with the comprehensive information you need to make an informed decision. Two full time Brokers, not a licensee, personally close every transaction.


      We provide FREE property evaluations!



      19 Central Street, Farmington, NH 03835
      Phone: 603.755.9111
      Fax: 603.755.9115
      Email: rwrealty@worldpath.net

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