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      The Local Advantage.

      For quality, specialized service, & over 50 years combined experience, contact Broker, Kathy or Broker, Craig at RW Real Estate , LLC.

      Specializing in Your Community


            What that means is people who do more than just sell real estate in the community, we are part of the community. No GPS needed here. Two Brokers personally handle your listing. Brokers who can provide you with the comprehensive information you need to make an informed decision and answer all questions, in the home, during the first visit. Brokers who are full time, no part time licensees here!

            While you must have money to purchase, homes are not sold with money. Often, buyers need guidance and don't necessarily know what to look for, or what to ask concerning things that really matter [to them]. Truly understanding the buyer during the showing has always been at the core of our success in selling local homes. During every second of every showing information is being offered by the buyer through their comments, body language, and facial expressions. Most buyers will have decided for or against the home by the end of the first visit. Our Relocation Specialist, Jessica Arsuaga, has received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology. Providing the buyer, like the seller, with comprehensive information needed to make an informed decision is not only critical but it is imperative for the buyer to receive all such information during the first visit.

            Two Seasoned Brokers/Realtor will personally follow your transaction from the first showing to the final closing. Kathy & Craig Lancey have over 60 years of combined experience in real estate. Both are NH Brokers and Realtors with an experienced support staff.  If you would like to receive this high quality, specialized, service offering you the very best opportunity to succeed, please visit Kathy & Craig at R W Real Estate today!

      We have in-house contracting services and (exclusive to our clients) high quality temporary relocation rental units.

                                                                                      We provide FREE property evaluations!



      19 Central Street, Farmington, NH 03835
      Phone: 603.755.9111
      Fax: 603.755.9115
      Email: rwrealty@worldpath.net

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